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For Redbrick News

Front cover image 9th Oct 2016

Front cover image 20th Nov 2015

Front cover image 5th Feb 2016

Front cover image 10th June 2016

Birmingham MP in epicentre of Twitter abuse storm

Disabled travel website set to launch in Birmingham

NUS policy round up: what matters to you

Why is NUS president Malia Bouattia so controversial?

Guild election night round up

Growing opposition to modern languages restructure proposals

Six new pocket parks will be constructed in Birmingham

University of Birmingham IN Europe event

UoB kills more than 48,000 animals in experiments

Walkabout reopens after refurbishment

Gisela Stuart visits UoB

Genocide Memorial Day

Boy dies from bad drug batch on NYE

Chamberlain student accommodation still not complete

The largest tribute to David Bowie in Birmingham

Prince William’s visit to Birmingham

Investigation: the problems and positives of the meal plan

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery open for 130 years

£750m to make way for HS2 station 

Council pension fund invests in alcohol, tobacco and weapons

UoB ignores international men’s day

Queen opens new dental hospital

Junior doctors oppose longer working hours

UoB Spin-out technology company receives huge investment

Smoke visible from new UoB sports centre

Redevelopment of battery park

Birmingham snubbed as Chinese president visits UK

Three arrests made in Connor Smith murder investigation

For Redbrick Film

Who should be the next James Bond?

Weekly round up: trailer reviews (May 29th) Free state of Jones, Sing, Don’t Think Twice

Weekly round up: trailer reviews (May 11th) Batman the Killing Joke

First thoughts: The Magnificent Seven

Weekly round up: trailer reviews (April 25th) The Neon Demon, Your Name, A Silent Voice, Lightningface

Film reports – animated films

Review – Eddie the Eagle

Weekly round up: trailer reviews (April 5th) Hunstman Winters War, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Weekly round up: trailer reviews (25th March) Florence Foster Jenkins, Ben-Hur

Weekly round up: trailer reviews (14th March) Valley of Love

Weekly round up: trailer reviews (3rd March) Bastille Day, Colonia, The Man Who Knew Infinity

Review – Deadpool

Weekly round up trailer reviews (Feb 10th) Pandemic, Camino, Millefeuille

Weekly round up trailer reviews (Jan 27th) Demolition, Imperial Dreams, The Wave, Evangelion 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo

Review – Dad’s Army

Review – Hail, Caesar! 

Review – Spotlight (Page 22)

Shin Gojira – the coming Godzilla remake

Winter round up: trailer reviews Eddie the Eagle, The Legend of Tarzan

Review – Grandma

Review – Sunset Song

Weekly round up: trailer reviews (Dec 14th) Eye in the Sky, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon:Sword of Destiny

Redbrick recommends: Hara-Kiri and Girls und Panzer

Weekly round up: trailer reviews (Nov 21st) Secret in their Eyes, Chiraq

Weekly round up: trailer reviews (Nov 10th) Life

Top 5: Giant Monster films

Weekly round up: trailer reviews (Oct 30th) The Boy

Weekly round up trailer reviews (Oct 13th) The Big Short, Kizumonogatari

Weekly round up: trailer reviews (Oct 7th) The Revenant

Essay – video game adaptations (Page 20)

For Redbrick Music

Album review: Paul Simon – Stranger to Stranger

Album review: Big Big Train – Folklore

For Redbrick Comment

Brexit: I’m still undecided

For Redbrick Television

Anime preview – 2016 Spring Season